Along the almost 3,000 kilometers of inter-Andean valleys, from the southern end to the northern end of Colombia, the 540,000 coffee families live in the coffee regions of the country. The vast majorities live on small farms or plots, whose coffee crops, on average, do not exceed two hectares.

Our coffee growers

They are people with strong entrenched values ​​such as honest work, permanent effort and dedication, a great culture of quality and a close link between family tradition and the modern world; values ​​that are present from the character of Juan Valdez to each inhabitant of the coffee zone and that have played an important role in the dynamism of the region.

Coffee families united by their principles of democratic participation, solidarity, commitment, search for the common good and sustainable development, form a social and strategic capital and a model of peace for Colombia. This coffee culture has passed from generation to generation and today its young people follow this model of life, and both their community and the Federación de Cafeteros de Colombia seek for better and greater inclusion in the world of coffee. These people are 100% dedicated to transmitting the best of themselves in their artisanship.

Thanks to them we can enjoy the best coffee in the world