A Denomination of Origin (DO) is a distinctive sign consisting of a specific geographical name used to identify products that come from that origin, and whose quality is directly linked to that origin. Obtaining recognition of protection of the DO is not enough to submit an application to the authorities of the country where the protection is claimed. It is also necessary to attach to the application a whole series of data, information and documents that demonstrate the link between the origin and the quality of the product. In the case of Colombian coffee, the DO registration has even been preceded by enormous efforts that have given it recognition in many areas. Therefore, not any product of a specific origin is recognized as DO.

The Denominations of Origin are legal protections that guarantees clients and consumers that a good that identifies with a DO meets the processes and quality requirements associated with that denomination, starting, of course, with its provenance, In this way, the consumer can trust what he is buying, and the producer is rewarded fairly for his efforts in producing a superior quality product that meets the standards of the denomination.

With the leadership of the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros, it has been shown that the quality of coffee grown in our country is due not only to the specific conditions of climate, location and environmental supply, but also to the careful production processes associated with our coffee.

These are the natural and human factors that essentially affect the quality of the product and that the authorities of the different countries have evaluated and recognized before granting special protection to the product.

In 2005, at the request of the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros, the regulatory state agency Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio (SIC) declared the protection of the Café de Colombia’s DO thanks to the natural and environmental factors mentioned above. Later, the same entity decided to protect the coffees of Cauca, Nariño, Huila, Santander, Tolima and Sierra Nevada.

Currently, the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros manages the Café de Colombia`s DO and the Regional DO, which allows them to grant the authorization of use to those interested in certifying their product and who can legitimately use the official seal implemented for Colombian denomination of origin. In this video you can see more about this official seal.