The Certification Marks (CM) are marks that assure consumers that the product to which they are applied meets quality standards previously defined in legal standards, techniques or regulations. 

The holder of a CM commits to a continuous control of verification of compliance with the pre-established standards of the product, in order to guarantee the market, the continuity in quality of the certified product and the maintenance of the reputation obtained. To use a CM on the label of a product, the defined standards must be met. The holder will prevent the CM from being used in products that do not meet these requirements..

Consequently, CMs can be used by any company that is able to demonstrate that their products meet the standards specified in the certification and that they meet the requirements established by the owner of the certification, and the Certification Marks can also be used together with the products own brand.

In the case of the Café de Colombia certification mark, its standards are defined in each of the countries in which it is registered, and they are mainly associated with the minimum export qualities (valid) enforced in Colombia.