A Diferent Advertisement

 Our programs of communication started in the year 1960, with the creation of the coffee grower that would reflect the values and the commitment to produce a coffee of a superior quality. With Juan Valdez and his history the Colombian coffee growers were innovators, as at that time the offer of coffee of quality to the consumers was not only very limited, but that at its turn was inconceivable that a group of producers from a country such as Colombia could develop campaigns of long term to penetrate in markets such as the North American or the European.

From the 1980s Colombian Coffee was connected to sports, as a way to reach new audiences, young people, and to outline the good effects of the coffee with its programs of We Support Sports. To compliment its different strategies and to reflect the true values, the efforts, and the philosophy of the Colombian coffee growers we have launched different official sites of communities that share our commitment for the excellence. Our Lives to the 100%, is the philosophy that we share with the customers and the consumers of the entire world, committed and dedicated to their labors and their interests. There, one can share our commitment and our ethics to do things well, and to share the different advertising pieces and videos of the Colombian Coffee.


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