It takes years of constant effort and discipline to reach the category of world reference. The Colombian Coffee, thanks to an organization behind the product, has been able to develop strategies of long term and consistent that makes it unique in the world due to its recognition and appreciation. No other origin of coffee registers so elevate indexes of recognition by the part of the consumers in the entire world as the Colombian Coffee. The following graph based in surveys to consumers of coffee in many countries of the world, illustrates this reputation.

May be on of the most illustrative events that shows the serious and solid work of the Colombian coffee growers is the recognition, by the European Community in the year 2007, of the Protected Geographic Indication to the Colombian Coffee. This recognition had only been reached by certain products coming from the European Community such as the Nougat from Alicante, The Manchego Cheese or the Parma Ham, amongst the alimentary products, or the Champagne, or the Rioja Wine amongst the drinks. It is particularly significant that the European Commission, took many years evaluating the request of the Colombian producers. Finally, due to its high standards of quality, the Colombian Coffee was the first agricultural food product not coming from Europe to get the distinction of Denomination of Origin (DO) or Geographic Indication (GI) in that market.

It is clear that reaching the status of DO/GI in various markets is an additional proof that in Colombia there is an organization that backs up a superior product but that it also carries out diverse programs of Sustainability That Matters. In Colombian coffee  there is a system of support to the product hard to replicate.


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