The Coffee Growers' Brands

Conscious of the need to Project and defend their reputation, the Colombian coffee growers have been developing and positioning brands for the different segment of the industry of the coffee. These brands share the values, the authenticity and the commitment of Juan Valdez, which allow the customers of the entire world to develop alliances for the marketing of the Colombian Coffee.


Soon after the introduction of the character Juan Valdez, the symbol of Juan Valdez was launched or the logo of Colombian Coffee was launched as an ingredient brand.

This Logo was designed as a support to the brands of the 100% Colombian Coffee Program, and it is directed to the brands of customers which distribute coffee packed in all the continents. The brand outlines the physiognomy of Juan Valdez and the most important attributes of the Colombian Coffee, as they are the high mountains were it is produced, and the difficulty to produce it, symbolized by the mule known as "Conchita". Please do not doubt in visiting our sections Origin Guarantee100% Colombian Coffee Brands and the 100% Colombian Coffee Program if you wish to learn more details on the functioning of this system of marketing designed by the Colombian coffee growers.

Additionally, and as from the year 2002, the brand architecture of Colombian Coffee incorporated new applications, such as the signature of Juan Valdez. This family of applications communicates to the consumer the personalized endorsement or approval of the Juan Valdez character to certain products; besides having a superior quality, they generate royalties and added value directly to the Colombian producers. The most illustrative example of this application is the one of Juan Valdez Cafés, used in the stores of coffee which carry this name.

Other brands that have launched the Colombian coffee growers and that highlight in certain markets and segments include Buendía, the Freeze Dried Colombian Coffee produced by Buencafé, and Emerald Mountain coffee, for products of coffee marketed in Asia.

If you are interested in learning more on the history of the brands of Colombian Coffee, you will find a summary in the book "Juan Valdez, The Strategy behind the Brand", published by Ediciones B and also available in digital format.


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