An organization behind the product

More tan 563.000 Colombian coffee growers are represented by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation(FNC), founded in 1927, one of the biggest NGO's of the world that develops ten of Sustainability That Matters programs. It have been the leader of the Colombian coffee producers who understood that to be able to sell their product at better prices it was imperative to develop policies and research around quality. For these reason they created Cenicafé as its own research center to communicate to the producers the different advances of its Extension Service.

The organization of the Colombian coffee growers has also promoted regulations to implement inspections of quality of the coffee that would be exported to other markets. In every port of Colombia, exceptionally in the world of the coffee, there are coffee laboratories that analyze the quality of the coffee to be exported, in order to assure that all the shipments reach the norms of quality established by the National Committee of Coffee Growers and those which apply to the Denomination of Origin/Geographic Indications. Additionally, the Colombian coffee producers have implemented programs of sampling, of analysis and of verification of origin in the main international markets with brands that uses 100% Colombian Coffee.

As it could be detailed in the section the Colombian Coffee, our beans are not easy to be produced: they requires patience, time and many efforts of selection in the steep mountains of the land of coffee.Because of these reasons the programs of guarantee of origin try to assure to the consumer that the 100% Colombian Coffee, for which he is willing to pay a superior Price, is in fact the product that reflects that spirit and commitment.

In conclusion, the big secret of the Colombian Coffee has been the capacity of the Colombian coffee growers to organize themselves to make presence in markets and defend the reputation of their product. They generate more income and a bigger satisfaction to the sophisticated consumers that want to know more about the coffee that they drink.


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