A Worldwide Reference

Colombia is a leading country recognized for cultivating coffee of high quality. The climate and the topography of the Land of the Coffee, the history, the tradition and the quality of the Colombian Coffee, the different programs of guarantee of origin, the 100% Colombian Coffee Program, and the capacity of developing programs in benefit of the customers and the consumers in the main markets of the world, are some of the strengths which have made of the Colombian Coffee a world reference. Without a doubt, the continuous effort of the   Juan Valdez®character, have also made Colombia a recognized origin and appreciated by millions of consumers in the entire world.

In this section we explain the different elements that there are behind the quality and the prestige of the Colombian Coffee. In the first place, if you want to know the secret of the Colombian Coffee, you will necessarily have to know that there is an Organization behind the product, which looks after the interests of the producers and that it has built in more than eighty years a system of support to the quality.

The work of the producers united under this organization (FNC) has developed new programs of communication. This is a Different Advertisement, kind and close to the values and the philosophy of the Colombian coffee growers. These efforts, which have included the entailment of the Colombian Coffee to the sports, the development of Communities 100% and an ingenious and intelligent advertising, started as from 1960, long before the consumers of the entire world were conscious of the diversity of options of quality in a cup of coffee.

Communicating with the consumers of the entire world, despite  the resistance which, in occasions, we receive from the customers and the roasters, would not make sense if they did not have access to a 100 % Colombian coffee. This is why , through the development and the momentum of the brands of the Colombian coffee growers, we also strive to be present in different segments of the market. We wish that consumers will always have access to a relevant 100% Colombian Coffee offering, every time that a consumer wishes to consume coffee, an offering which adapts to relevant to his/her occasion of consumption.

This joint effort, of respect to the producer of coffee and of support to the quality, of boosting new brands or to developing together with our customers and our licensees more and better offerings of Colombian Coffee, as contributed to enhance our Reputation.


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