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Origin's Importance

Coffee is without a doubt a special product, whose quality depends on numerous factors. A high quality coffee requires taking into account themes as complex and diverse from the species of the coffee tree and its environment to the  harvest and post harvest processes. It is impossible to truly appreciate the quality of a coffee without justly acknowledging the arduous efforts of the coffee producers.

This recognition is only viable if we are aware at all times of the origin of the coffee. How can the effort and work of millions of coffee growers be awarded if the origin of the coffee is not important? How can the influence of coffee and the environment be appreciated if the location of the crops is not taken into account? What is the tangible effect in terms of its social impact of the beverage that is consumed, if we do not know the origin of the beans? It is apparent that in order to justly appreciate this beverage it is necessary to recognize the influence of its origin in all of its dimensions, including its influence on quality, social sustainability programs, and the environment.

For these reasons the coffee origin does not go unnoticed by sophisticated and/or demanding consumers. It is the most important information that should be on any label or coffee package. However, many coffee packages still describe coffee products as a blend, a term that in many cases either masks or hides the true origins of the coffee and prevents coffee corporations from creating ties of loyalty with producers or with specific locations of origin. The recurrence of these practices have led to the development of initiatives to guarantee the origin of coffee which, in turn, assures for both corporations and the end consumer that the coffee described originated from a specific country or region.

In the case of Colombian Coffee, the 100% Colombian Coffee Program and the rules and regulations associated with Denomination of Origin/Protected Geographical Indication policies communicate to consumers around the world the existence of the land of coffee where Colombian Coffee is produced. Thus, industrial partners around the world that share the same quality values and support Colombia's Sustainability That Matters programs are able to consistently provide consumers with a better experience of quality and of sustainability.


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