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Coffee Industrialization

Contrary to growing, the processes of industrialization of coffee (i.e. decaffeination, roasting or obtaining soluble coffee) take place in all continents. In general they are usually performed near the markets where the product is consumed. There are different techniques of industrialization that can be carried out in the same way in all places,or example in Italy, New Zealand or Colombia. The same concepts and processes may be used in different markets.

Regardless of the technique being used, and the country that uses it, it is essential to know the type of raw material or green coffee being used. None of the techniques can improve the quality of the original raw material. The techniques may underline certain attributes or attenuate the defects of the green coffee used. This is why, independently of the technique of industrialization applied, it is so relevant to know the quality of the beans used and be conscious of the importance of their origin of the coffee to be able to obtain a satisfactory experience of consumption.

In the field of the industrialization of coffee there are different stages. A portion of coffee consumed in the world is submitted to processes of decaffeination. It could be affirmed that all coffee consumed in the entire world has passed through the roasting process, and of grinding and extraction. It is necessary to start from the roasted and ground coffee for the production of soluble or instant coffee, either by the spray dried or the freeze dried techniques.


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