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Coffee and Health

Because of the fact that coffee is a common beverage in the modern world, as well as one associated with human interaction, the theme of coffee and health has been subject to hundreds of scientific studies all over the world.

A good part of these investigations focus on the effects of caffeine on individual consumers. Coffee, as with other mass consumption products such as tea and some carbonated beverages, contain different levels of caffeine. Furthermore, the amount of caffeine also varies according to the type of coffee. The Colombian specie which is 100% Arabica, is one of the coffees with the least amount of caffeine, particularly in comparison with the Robusta species that are usually present in many blends.

Many of the studies conducted about the harmful effects of caffeine became myths that have become popular with certain social groups, including in some cases the medical corps. It is therefore important that consumers as well as health professionals be well informed of the latest advancements in the scientific investigations of coffee and health. Instead of finding problems with moderate consumption, recent research has discovered significant benefits. 


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