Certification Marks

Certification Marks (CM) are signs that assure consumers that the product to which they are applied meets some quality standards previously defined in legal, technical norms and regulations. The CM holder agrees to a continuous control of verification of compliance of the pre-established standards of the product, with the purpose of guaranteeing to the market the continuity in quality of the certified product and the maintenance of the reputation obtained. Thus, to use a CM in the label of a product it is required that such product meets the defined standards. The holder also has the obligation to avoid that the CM be used in products that do not meet the defined requirements.

In consequence, the CMs could be used by any company that is in capacity of proving that their products meet the norms specified in the certification filing and that they satisfy the requirements established by the holder. Only then the certification marks could be used together with a brand belonging to a third party.

In the case of certification mark Colombian, as it relates to coffee, its standards are defined in each of the countries where CMs are registered, and they are mainly associated to the minimum export qualities required in Colombia.

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