Ingredient Brand

The ingredient brand is a trademark strategy, in which two brands combine their positive attributes before the consumer. In this case, the buyer is choosing the final product's brand that he or she is buying, but his or her decision is also driven by the support of the branded input or ingredient. In this way, the ingredient brand strategy constitutes a co-branding initiative and an alliance that adds the value, the reputation, and credibility to a product associated to the product brand and ingredient brand. Thus, together both brands can generate consumer's confidence and preference to the final product.

In the 1960s Colombian Coffee was a pioneer in the use of an ingredient strategy, in particular considering that coffee was regarded as a non differentiable commodity. Through the Juan Valdez character and the phrase "100% Colombian Coffee" consumers were encouraged to look for Colombian Coffee origin  in the brand they bought. Later, this strategy was consolidated through the creation of the triangular Colombian Coffee Logo that represented Juan Valdez with the phrase "Colombian Coffee", as a symbol of the excellent quality and the positive attributes perceived by consumers of this origin and its values.

The 100% Colombian Coffee Brands that use the Colombian Coffee Logo as an ingredient brand are committed to partner with Colombian coffee growers, honoring the origin of the land of coffee and maintaining the quality of Colombian Coffee, submitting themselves voluntarily to quality controls to their products. The Ingredient brand is used in this context not only as guarantee of origin, but also as an agreement of values and philosophies, where the product brands that carry the Logo, support the Sustainability That Matters programs carried out in Colombia, that deeply respect the work and dedication of the Colombian coffee producers. They are customers that assume, through the use of this Logo.that  they are people 100%, as Colombian coffee growers are.

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation offers, through trademark license agreements, the use of the Colombian Coffee Logo for packaged roasted 100% Colombian Coffee by third parties in the frame of its 100% Colombian Coffee Program.  In this 100% Colombian Coffee Program section you will be able to find the 100% Colombian Coffee Brands authorized to use the Colombian Coffee Logo, and the roasters that have signed a valid trademark license with the Colombian coffee growers and their Federation. Also, if you are interested in becoming a licensee, you will be able to access the relevant information here.


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