Colombian Coffee is 100% washed Arabica, that grows in the mountainous Colombian Coffee Growing Zone and that it complies with the requirements stated by the Coffee National Committee. Processed, Colombian Coffee is a soft beverage, with a clean cup, with a mid/high acidity and body and with a pronounced and complete aroma.

In the different regions Colombian Coffee is produced with different cup profiles. They differ in appearance and intensity depending on factors such as temperature, soils and type of roasting among others. Through cupping, the procedure that allows the identification and evaluation of all sensorial characteristics that define a coffee, the essential flavors and the degree of the desired attributes that satisfy the taste of the most demanding consumer can be identified.

Considering that coffee is a 100% natural product and its consumption satisfies in many occasions sensorial needs, special measures should be taken into account  when it comes to preparation and storage due to the fact that it's a product very sensitive to temperature, oxygen in the air, humidity and strange smells.




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