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Most of the coffee brands bought in a supermarket or served in an office consist in blends of coffees of various origins, with different levels of quality, and their true origin is often unknown. In contrast , a 100% Colombian Coffee Brand is guaranteed by having  only "the richest coffee in the world", without coffees of other origins mixed, delivering the full quality and values of Colombian Coffee.

Colombian Coffee is an origin found in numerous brands of coffees. Demanding consumers in the entire world are aware of the importance of their origin of the coffee they consume. As this product is much more than a beverage, people also demand to know the place of production of their coffee. This is why roasters and customers of 100% Colombian Coffee brands are not only committed with supplying their customers and consumers a Colombian Coffee of superior quality, but they also share with the Colombian coffee growers their most appreciated values: the authenticity, the spirit of hard and dedicated work to produce a coffee of superior quality coming from the land of the coffee. In other words, they share the values and personality of the Juan Valdez character that symbolizes all Colombian growers.

Over time, Colombian Coffee has been known for its superior quality and has become a worldwide referenceBehind Colombian Coffee there is an organization of producers unique in the world dedicated to improve the quality of life of the communities producing coffee with ambitious Sustainability That Matters. It is trying to guarantee the quality of every bean, its authenticity and the programs like product's consistency from the tree to the cup. In sum, they provide customers and consumers with a guarantee of origin.

Millions of consumers, of distributing brands, and hundreds of thousands of producers share these values and interests, conforming social nets dedicated to demonstrate that the values of the producers are 100% compatible with the coffee people that live in the Colombian Andes. The Colombian coffee growers as well as those who consume coffee in the entire world are a 100% community.

If you wish to know where to find 100% Colombian brands or suppliers in the world, please click on the map the region of your interest.

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100% Colombian Coffee Program


The 100% Colombian Coffee Program was born as an n innovation to promote and market a 100% pure coffee origin. It is a result of an effort shared between the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation and roasters distributing Colombian Coffee in the entire world, and is directed to provide consumers with 100% Colombian Coffee Brands that satisfy their needs. If you are a roaster and are interested in becoming a Program member, please click here.

To help identifying the brands affiliated to the Program, an ingredient brand trademark was created by Colombia's coffee growers. This is well known triangular Colombian coffee logo , featuring Juan Valdez, his mule and the Colombian mountains.

The purpose of the mark is to assure to consumers that the coffee they are getting, when finding the triangular logo in the packaging, is indeed 100% Colombian Coffee, which has been approved by rigorous quality controls.

Furthermore, through the programs of guarantee of origin, consumers have additional assurances that any product being described as Colombian Coffee should exclusively come from the land of coffee and fulfill the parameters of quality by which Colombian Coffee is known. Depending on the country were you are, you will be able to find the brands consisting of truly Colombian Coffee and comply with the appropriate Certification Mark, Denomination of Origin of Protected Geographic Indication standards.


How can I find 100% Colombian Coffee?

Look for the Colombian Coffee Logo. It assures that the coffee really is 100% Colombian Coffee and whoever distributes it shares the values of quality and hard work of Colombian coffee growers.

There are other symbols of guarantee of origin as well, such as the European Union's Protected Geographic Indication Logo that will also allow consumers to assure the authenticity of the product. Of course, you can check on this site to find authentic brands complying with applicable regulations.


Is 100% Colombian Coffee found in restaurants?

Yes. Some of the most prestigious restaurants of the world serve 100% Colombian Coffee. Be sure to ask the waiter if in that place they serve 100% Colombian Coffee. Be also sure that the person that serves the coffee knows what he is talking about and the he recognizes the importance of its origin of a coffee.


Where I can find these Brands?

In supermarkets and stores around the world. To know the distribution of your preferred 100% Colombian Coffee Brand, consult the Internet page of the mark or the roaster that produces and distributes it. Please check the 100% Colombian Coffee Brands by continent section above.

If you would like to launch a 100% Colombian Brand in your country that would be processed by a roaster that is authorized to use the 100% Colombian Coffee Logo or the symbols of guarantee of origin, please check the authorized roasters section above by continent.


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