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Behind The Product

The process of taking a delicious cup of Colombian Coffee to millions of consumers in the world is not easy. There is great is a great effort required from a coffee tree to a cup and the dedication of hundreds of thousands of families producing coffee in Colombia, whose average size of coffee plots is inferior to two hectares. Additionally, the joint endeavor of the people dedicated to the labors of coffee threshing, transportation and storage, as well as the industrialization and distribution of 100% Colombian Brands, also make the difference. Getting a good Colombian Coffee is thus the sum of the will and commitment of thousands of dedicated people.  This is why consumers in the entire world understand why this is an outstanding coffee.

In addition, behind Colombian Coffee there is not only a continuous effort to back quality. There is a history not very well known of how the coffee people in Colombia got together to overcome immense challenges and to agree on common objectives that they would not have been able to achieve individually. To begin with, land of coffee in Colombia not only stands out because it has favorable conditions to produce a high quality mountain coffee: its topography also imposed logistic challenges that joint action to get the coffee to market. From that basis coffee growers started to join forces to undertake different projects that favored the rural communities and their quality of life. This is how their union was born around the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) and how the Sustainability That Matters programs originated. Those who enjoy Consuming Colombian Coffee know that behind a product of high quality there is a common effort, a collective action that shares common values. It is the authenticity, the  effort, honesty and transparency that Juan Valdez symbolizes what makes Colombian Coffee not only 100% from the point of view of its origin and quality, but a way to relate for people 100% that exist in the entire world.


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