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Colombian Coffee Growers Federation

A nonforprofit organization that represents more than 500,000 coffee growing families. Its mission is to ensure the well being of the Colombian coffee growers.


In our Coffee Research Center, we generate appropriate, competitive and sustainable coffee related technologies that help improve the well being of Colombian coffee growers. Learn all about our work by clicking here. (Spanish only)

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Sustainability that matters

Sustainability for us is not a trend or a fashion: it is our reason for being. Click here to learn all about our Sustainability that Matters Programs.

Cauca Denomination of Origin

The caramel aroma of Cauca Coffee is due to the incidence of the Purace volcano in its soils. Learn more.

Nariño Denomination of Origin

The low temperatures and long maturing period required by Café de Nariño lead to a unique coffee. Learn more here!

Manuel Mejia Foundation

Our responsibility is to design and implement policies, strategies and education programs for coffee growing regions and rural inhabitants. Get to know us by clicking here. (Spanish only)

The Cultural Coffee Landscape

Learn about our Cultural Coffee Landscape, a unique productive landscape forged by i