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Colombian Coffee Suppliers

If you are a distributor, a processor or an industrial customer and are interested in buying Colombian Coffee, you have a variety of options. In this section you will find different companies and their contacts that market authentic Colombian Coffee.

It is important to take into account that to market Colombian Coffee in certain countries it is necessary to assure yourself that the product meets the requirements of guarantee of origin that demands a product such as Colombian Coffee. In some countries it will be necessary to request your supplier, a coffee roaster or soluble coffee processor, to demonstrate that they are an authorized user of the Colombian Coffee PGI/PDO. If you are interested in buying green Colombian Coffee, the coffee must have been milled by an authorized DO miller for Colombian Coffee. Always demand your supplier the compliance with those rules to assure an authentic Colombian Coffee.

For those who are interested in buying green coffee directly exported from Colombia, please check the listing exporters of green coffee from Colombia here.

If you are interested in buying roasted Colombian Coffee in Colombia, look for the listing exporters of roasted coffee from Colombia here.

If you are interested in buying soluble or conventional instant, agglomerated or spray dried coffee, please look for the listing of producers of spray dried Colombian Coffee in Colombia, please click here.

If you are interested in buying freeze dried Colombian Coffee produced in Colombia, please look for the listing producers of freeze dried Colombian Coffee, please click here.

If you would like to know which 100 % Colombian Coffee brands are sold in your country or region, please click here.

If you like to have your company listed on these lists, please write an email to


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