Here you will find the general guidelines that Program members commit to follow when they sign a Licensing contract to use the Colombian Coffee Logo as an ingredient brand. The contract is usually signed between Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC in Spanish), as the administrator of the National Coffee Fund and a roaster.

1.      The licensee must be a roaster of at least one brand of 100 % Colombian Coffee of excelso quality.

2.      It commits itself to send to the FNC every three months a report of the volumes sold per registered trademark in the contract, as well as a sample for quality evaluation.

3.      The licensee must follow the Colombian Coffee Logo Application Manual supplied with the contract, and must send to the FNC a package design sample for the authorization of the application of the Logo, before producing any material.

4.      Most Licenses to use the Colombian Coffee Logo do not generate royalties, only the obligation to fulfill the license administrative requirements and the reimbursement of a nominal administrative cost per brand and per year during the life of the contract.

5.      The roasters abide by a voluntary code of conduct to ensure respect to the Colombian Coffee origin and to give consumers transparent and reliable information.

6.      The roasters demonstrate its will to be a partner to more than 500.000 coffee growers in Colombia.

For more information please visit the section Become a Member, or write to the FNC Direction of Intellectual Property at the following address:


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