The Colombian Coffee Logo

 The distinctive seal of the 100% Colombian Coffee program is the triangular logo that represents Juan Valdez®. The Colombian Coffee Logo symbolizes and personifies Colombian producers.  The logo supports, with its own brand equity, those 100% Colombian Coffee brands that want to point out that they do not disguise or hide the coffee origin to consumers.

The Colombian Coffee Logo communicates to consumers powerful functional and emotional attributes. Its main functional attribute represents the constant effort and work of more than 563.000 Colombian Coffee growers committed to the production of high quality coffee. From the emotional point of view, the Logo communicates respect for the origin and to the tradition of the Colombian Coffee, and the guarantee to give to the consumer transparent and reliable information on the product, its ethics and values, and of their Sustainability That Matters programs.

For the North American market we use the Logo "100% Colombian Coffee" and for the rest of the world we use the Logo "Café de Colombia ".


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