Is Colombian Coffee a traditional brand?

Colombian Coffee is an origin found in many brands. The word Colombian is a certification mark in certain jurisdictions, such as the United States or Canada, registered for the defense of the collective interests of the Colombian Coffee growers. Colombian Coffee is also in certain jurisdictions a Denomination of Origin or a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), whose use is also subject to certain regulations and rules. See Denomination of Origin-Geographical Indications for more detail.

In the name Colombian Coffee, Colombian can not be appropriated by an individual operator or producer, and thus Colombian producers have traditionally opposed to trademark registrations or to Internet domains which use this word in a brand context. 

What causes a brand of 100% Colombian Coffee to be better than the rest?

Most the grocery brands consist in blends of coffees from various origins, with different qualities and levels of information. When ignoring the origin one not only ignores the growers’ effort in the production of that coffee, but also the environmental or ethical practices associated with its marketing.

A brand of 100% Colombian Coffee only contains "the richest coffee in the world"®, without coffees of other origins, supported by a consistent policy and philosophical and ethic values symbolized by our sustainability that matters programs.


How can I find 100 % Colombian Coffee?

The “Colombian Coffee Logo” as an ingredient brand, the descriptor " 100% Colombian Coffee" or "pure Colombian Coffee" should be in the label. Do not trust any coffee described as "Colombian" if it has words that dilute its meaning, such as "blend", "mix" or "type". Please verify our section 100 % Colombian Coffee brands to find those close to your home. 


Can I find 100 % Colombian Coffee in restaurants?

Yes. In some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world they serve 100% Colombian Coffee. Be sure to ask the waiter if in that place they serve 100% Colombian Coffee.


Where can I find those brands?

In supermarkets and grocery stores in the United States, Asia, Canada, Latin America and Europe, as well as in certain countries in Africa. To find out about the brands closer to you, click on the region where you now live:


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