Why become part of the 100% Program?

The Colombian Coffee brand strategy has evolved to satisfy the most demanding consumers in an ever more complex industry. Origin has become an important tool of differentiation against massive products that do not satisfy those consumers that demand better quality and information. Also, new generations have a larger access to and interest for product information. As globalization also generates several niches of more demanding consumers, roasters need to provide not just product, but quality and information that only Colombian Coffee can provide.

Colombian Coffee has become a worldwide reference recognized by its consistent quality and for the respect to the coffee producer. The enclosed graph[JR1] shows how in some countries the reputation of coffee is extraordinarily high, whilst in most of the main markets in the world the reputation is the highest of any other coffee of origin.


The 100 % Colombian Coffee brands that use the Colombian Coffee Logo as brand ingredient can present to their customers and consumers their commitment and support to of Sustainability That Matters programs, developed to favor the quality of life of the Colombian producers. The Colombian Coffee Logo is by itself a symbol of commitment with sustainability.

The Colombian Coffee Logo use is an additional element of differentiation. It is a well recognized brand with a large history of communication initiatives to consumers in the entire world.


The different regions producing Colombian Coffee offer various high quality cup profiles which adapt themselves to the tastes of sophisticated consumers in different markets. There is always a Colombian Coffee that adapts itself to different consumer needs: you can always find it.

There is a clear commitment to avoid that market intermediaries take an unfair advantage of the reputation of the Colombian Coffee. Our policy of Defense and Protection of the Quality has a vocation of permanence and seeks that the consumer earns our confidence.

The strategies of communication of Colombian Coffee have evolved to get to new consumers and to establish with them a more close and relevant relationship, developing social networks around the Colombian Coffee Community.

The brand values and those of our origin, and their meaning for consumers, represent a great opportunity  for other brands to join in a partnership that differentiates them and that fortifies their 100 % Colombian Coffee brands with relevant elements of communication.

Origin differentiation becomes an advantage which reduces a brand's exposure to a price war that will reduce the product's value in the consumer's eyes. Also, a recognized and demanded origin, such as Colombian Coffee, is a tool to penetrate the market entrance barriers and to create alliances with the retailers.

The Colombia coffee marketing system is designed to have the people involved in its production to receive the best possible price for their coffee through a sophisticated network of buying points.

There always exists a Colombian Coffee that satisfies the needs of consumers, new coffee segments and new tendencies of consumption.

The partnership between roasters and Colombian Coffee growers through the 100 % Program allows roasters with social and corporate responsibility policies to transmit to their clients the respect they have towards coffee producers and, also, the opportunity to be associated with the biggest rural NGO of the world


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