100% Program

The 100% Colombian Coffee Program is an alliance between coffee brand owners from the entire world and Colombian Coffee growers through the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC in Spanish). It seeks to  to bring 100% Colombian Coffee to worldwide consumers. The dimension and capacity of communication of the 100 % Program is unique as it reaches distribution in all continents.

To be a member of the 100% Program, brand owners accept a code of conduct where it is stated that they respect the Colombian Coffee origin and those that grow it, fulfilling the obligations to use the Colombian coffee Logo as a symbol of a community of interests and values: hard work, quality, effort, the will to do things well and to take to the market a product of superior quality.

The capacity to offer to consumers a unique and genuine and authentic  product,  different from massive and mass products, is one of the biggest ambitions of Colombian Coffee growers. The 100 % Colombian Coffee Program is designed in such a way that thousands of brands of coffee can join their forces with the Colombian producers to take to their consumers,  an authentic and relevant product which  is supported by the triangular Colombian coffee Logo ®   which symbolizes Juan Valdez ® and  Colombian coffee growers.

Taking also advantage of Colombian coffee’s reputation as a high quality origin, roasters find new and differentiated product lines for their brands and a wealth of material to educate customers and consumers.  Colombian Coffeecomes from a place of unique conditions, the the land of coffee.It assures its quality and origin through programs of guarantee of origin, and  generates a community effort that has become a worldwide reference. It is an alliance that reflects the strength of Colombian Coffee, its growers, and their organization of more than 563.000 producing families represented by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation. Those members share the spirit of the Sustainability That Matters programs with a  philosophy of quality, commitment and authenticity of thousands of Colombian Coffee brands distributed around the world.

In this section you will find a description of the Program, the requirements to become a member, the benefits for consumers and owners of coffee brands, the use of the Colombian Coffee Logo as a distinctive seal from Colombian Coffee growersand  a list of frequently asked questions.  Yow will also find the list of the roasters and the brands that belong to the Program, and   if you are the owner of a coffee brand, the procedure to become a member.


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