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Origin Guarantee

Modern consumers are demanding. They want to have the necessary guarantees not only on the quality of the products they buy, but on their authenticity. For them it is not enough that the information contained in the label concerning the origin of the product as a mere reference, but that such information should also be genuine and confers valuable and interesting product information. Origin is no longer the result of a creative process of a marketing department.

Globalization, the access to technology and the ever more profound knowledge of products to be consumed generates even more responsibility on the label information provided to millions of consumers in the entire world. Coffee drinkers know of the importance of origin and want to know where does that their product come from, or with which type of practices it was cultivated. They want to appreciate its quality but also to know the social and environmental conditions associated with such origins, and have an understanding of the transparency associated to its production chain. Consumers no longer want their coffees described as blends that do not carry the story of a specific origin. Any coffee could be a blend, but only the single origin coffees can have a social and environmental tangible story.

In this context an increasingly large number of coffee consumers and connoisseurs are demanding authenticity and sustainability practices. For Colombian Coffee it is not enough to be a worldwide referenceassociated to high standards of quality. It is necessary to demonstrate that if a product is described as Colombian it really comes from the land of coffee and that it fulfills the standards of a product of superior quality. This is why the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, designed the initiative of launching novel programs several decades ago, such as the 100% Colombian Coffee Program and has contributed in creating and implementing  National Regulations that would assure the fulfillment of strict quality standards. Thus, the coffee brands associated to the 100% Colombian Coffee Program also represent the commitment to traceability and guarantee of origin as well as the effort and commitment of the Colombian producers with the quality of their coffee. In short, this is another way to demonstrate that Colombian Coffee Brands and the coffee growers, as well as those who consume Colombian Coffee, also live their lives to the 100%, are dedicated to what they do and committed to their values and beliefs.

Recently Colombian Coffee has reinforced their systems of guarantee of origin from the scientific point of view, taking advantage of the science and technology developed and implemented by Cenicafé,  and also through the different legal instruments that are available in the different countries where Colombian Coffee is consumed. These instruments, that constitute in themselves a guarantee of origin, are the Denomination of Origin, the  Protected Geographical Indication, and/or the Certification Marks, and the commercial trademarks used in a context of an ingredient brand. One or many of these legal instruments are used in several countries to assure the consumer not only a guarantee of origin, but also the authenticity, the mutual respect for each other efforts and the philosophy of those who are linked to the production and marketing of Colombian Coffee. These instruments also help to reinforce a community of interests and values with customers and consumers of Colombian Coffee in the entire world.

If you are an industrial buyer of Colombian Coffee and are interested in knowing the advantages and the symbols associated with the geographic indications associated with the Colombian Coffee, please visit our section Geographic Indications / Denomination of Origin.


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