Geographical Indications for Colombia Coffee

 Two types of Geographical Indications apply for Colombian Coffee: the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), which  corresponds to the European Union  and the Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO). 

Depending on the legislation in certain jurisdictions,  Colombian Coffee is also protected by certification marks. To obtain this recognition in various countries and continents it is necessary to demonstrate that the Colombian Coffee has the institutional capacity and the quality control structure to guarantee that the product sold to consumers in the entire world as Colombian Coffee has a superior quality. This quality is basically associated with the environmental and human qualities that are present in the Land of Coffee,  the support systems that Colombian Coffee has achieved after years of hard work by Colombian Coffee growers and their Colombian Coffee Growers Federation,  and the quality control and follow up made to 100 % Colombian Coffee brands  in different markets of the world.

The authorities of the countries where  Colombian Coffee has been recognized as PGI or DOP have evaluated carefully if Colombian Coffee deserves such recognition. The institutional capacity to support the quality of the product, its reputation as a worldwide reference, the link between the quality and the environmental offer where it is produced, the quality controls carried out in different stages of production, export and roasting, and the representativeness and legitimacy of the organization that presents the application are also analyzed. Both Colombian Coffee and the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation have met those requirements.

In this area, one of the most significant steps that Colombian Coffee has accomplished is to fulfill all the controls and evaluations associated with the European Community standards to be recognized as a Protected Geographical Indication. In October 2007, after more than two years of evaluation by the European Commission in Brussels, Colombian Coffee became the first agricultural food product from a country that does not belong to the European Union to receive PGI recognition in Europe.

To acquire this type of protection implies that the coffee described as Colombian or that suggests being Colombian shall meet all the necessary requirements which accredit the PGI, PDO or Certification Mark, according to the country where such 100% Colombian Coffee brand is being marketed.


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