Types of Geographical Indications

In international Agreements the term Geographicalal Indications usually covers the concepts of Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). Also, in some jurisdictions it is considered that the certification mark system is sufficient to fulfill the purpose of protecting Geographical Indications.

The Denomination of Origin (DO) or Geographical Indication (GI)"refers to the sign that indicates that a product originated from a specific region, but that it is limited to those cases where the characteristics of quality of the product are due to the geographic environment, including natural and human factors of that region", as is the caseof"Champagne", "Roquefort", "Gorgonzola", "Habano" or "Tequila". The Certification Marks, however, do not  necessarily  establishes  a specific link between a defined origin and the product's quality, but they do demand the establishment of certain verifiable standards for them to be able to be associated and identified by such certification mark.


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