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The best Colombian coffee in 2012 was selected

September, 2012

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The best Colombian coffee in 2012 was selected

The selection was done through the traditional Cup of Excellence competition, which reached its tenth edition in Colombia. 1,043 lots participated and were evaluated by a national jury in the first phase. In the second phase, an international jury granted a prize to the best ones. 

The best coffees produced in Colombia in 2012 where selected in this strict competition, to offer them to clients interested in acquiring the best coffees from the best producer of mild coffee in the world.

This edition of the competition registered 1,043 lots from 11 departments: Cauca, Caldas, Tolima, Huila, Nariño, Quindio, Antioquia, Risaralda, Valle, Norte Santander and Cundinamarca.

The Cup of Excellence has been developed in Colombia since 2005 and 6.000 farmers have participated in its 10 versions. Among the participants, 251 lots have been auctioned for having received the Cup of Excellence Quality award. Arnulfo Leguizamo´s Primavera farm coffee, was purchased for more than US$40 a pound in 2011, being the highest paid coffee since the competition has taken place in Colombia.   

The Departments with the largest number of Cup of Excellence Quality lots have been Huila, Tolima, Nariño, Cauca, and Meta. 

The coffees participating in the cup of excellence should at least meet the following requirements:

  • Moisture between 10% and 12%
  • Coffee berry borer attacked less than 1% of the beans
  • Lower grade coffee color less than 1%
  • Clean cup
  • Characteristic color and smell of the coffee.
  • Each participant lot should produce 15 to 150 of 70/kg bags of parchment coffee.

These requirements ensure that the competing coffee has the potential to receive the prestigious award Presidential Cup Of Excellence, granted, in the international selection phase, to coffees with a score above 90 points (according to the ACE-Alliance for Coffee Excellence scale.)

The competition has 3 phases: Preselection, National and International Selection. The 10th edition concluded with the election of the 10 best lots that were rewarded at the ExpoEspeciales fair which took place in Popayan, Cauca (CCI will present the winners in the next issue).

The preselection process of lots, between August 13 and 24, left a selection of 150 lots with a score (awarded by national juries) equal or higher than 85 points in the ACE scale. Between August 27 to 31 there was a new filter that defined the 60 lots that were tasted by the panel of international juries, who defined the Cup of Excellence quality lots (coffee that will be auctioned) and the 10 best coffees of the Colombian 2012 harvest.

CCI will share information about the lots to be auctioned in October 31, as well as the information of the tenth edition of the Cup of Excellence winners. 



Note: The lots that fail to access the following phases of the competition will be available for purchase, being obviously high quality products with high potential and with complete farm traceability. In case readers want more information on the lots involved in the Cup of Excellence that will not continue in the competition, please contact:

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