No. 34

Regional quality competitions encourage and highlight specialty coffee production

March, 2018


Regional quality competitions encourage and highlight specialty coffee production

These competitions have the support of the FNC and help showcase highly differentiated coffee before domestic and international buyers. (In the image, José Pérez, winner of the Caldas competition.)

Promoting highest-quality coffee production and marketing, which add value to producers and improve their profitability, is part of the priorities of the Commercial Division of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC).

In that sense, the FNC has organized since 2016 the national coffee quality competition “Colombia, Land of Diversity,” which enables to convene domestic and international buyers with more resonance. This competition is held every year with harvests of first and second semesters to enable all Colombian departments to participate, depending on the harvest season.

But in addition, through the Departmental Coffee Growers Committees, the FNC supports regional coffee competitions, whose winners are also offered to national and international buyers.

There is so much specialty coffee produced in the different regions of Colombia that these regional competitions help to showcase this great diversity. The regional competitions of Antioquia, Santander, Caldas and Boyacá, taking place in the first quarter of the year, are an example of this.

Antioquia Cup of Coffee Competition
On February 28 the farm Esteban Jaramillo, in the municipality of Venecia, hosted the awards ceremony and live auction - before national and international buyers - of the 24 best coffee lots of the Antioquia Cup of Coffee Competition.

This is organized by the FNC, through the Antioquia Coffee Growers Committee, within the framework of the Alliance for the Café de Antioquia, involving Comfama, the Medellín Fraternity Foundation, the Antioquia coffee cluster and the department’s four cooperatives of coffee growers.

The competition and the respective auction seek to promote and showcase the department’s coffee quality, highlighting the efforts of producers. Of 385 participants in two categories (general and young coffee farmers), 60 lots (5 of young coffee farmers and 55 of adult coffee growers) from 20 municipalities were selected as finalists, to finally choose the 24 best lots to be auctioned.

The coffee produced by Daniel Hernández, from the Urrao municipality, was the winner in the young category and was auctioned at $8.50/lb, and Diego Agudelo, from the Caicedo municipality, was the winner in the general category and his coffee was auctioned at $17/lb.

In addition to participating in the auction, the competition winners received economic rewards to be invested in farm infrastructure improvement or in coffee farming competitiveness.


The Best Cup of Coffee of Santander
On February 25, the municipality of Socorro, Santander, hosted the awards ceremony of the 12th Competition “The Best Cup of Coffee,” which seeks to promote and showcase production of high-quality coffee from the whole department.

A total of 98 coffee growers, with their specialty coffee lots, took part in the competition, from which the best 10 were selected, getting scores by the jury of 84+ points on the scale of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).

With 85.5 points, the coffee produced by Ramiro Rey, from the municipality of Tona, won the competition and a direct place to participate in the World of Coffee fair in Amsterdam. The coffee that conquered the palate of the jurors is sweet, with notes of vanilla and dried fruit and nuts.

The second place went to Gilberto Mejía, from Barichara, with a mild and caramelized coffee, of medium acidity and notes of strawberry, walnut and almonds. And the third place was for Martha Camacho, from the municipality of Curití.

First Caldas High-Quality Coffee Auction


Within the framework of the 5th Orchids, Coffee & Art Festival, the city of Manizales hosted the 14th Caldas High-Quality Coffee Competition and the first Caldas High-Quality Coffee Auction, with the participation of the 10 best coffee lots of the department and 12 national and international buyers.

Advertising pieces that exalted producers and described the lot size, coffee variety, origin (municipality, rural district and altitude), hours of fermentation and drying process were designed to encourage good bids for each microlot among buyers.

José Pérez, a producer from Aguadas and winner of the 14th Caldas High-Quality Coffee Competition, achieved the highest price at the auction, $8.6/lb.

The auction was held with the support of the FNC, the Ministry of Agriculture (through its productive chains program), and the Caldas government (through the Secretary of Agriculture), with the “Caldas Origin” initiative.

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