Issue No. 38

Over 237,000 coffee farms are already sustainable in Colombia

December, 2018

Sustainability that Matters

Over 237,000 coffee farms are already sustainable in Colombia

Sustainable coffee production is a key component of the FNC’s strategy to increase producers’ profitability.

Since the beginning of its sustainable coffee program in 2002, the FNC has facilitated the certification and/or verification of 237,095 farms in Colombia under at least one sustainability standard, enabling to offer a broad product portfolio.

In 2018, this sustainability, together with quality, allowed generating premiums worth over USD 12 million on the sale price of Colombian coffee.

This year, the C.A.F.E. Practices areas grew in northern Cauca, in Quindío and in Norte de Santander, 725 UTZ hectares were certified in Santander, and 6,828 Rainforest Alliance hectares in Huila.

The production of sustainable coffee, with the support of strategic partners such as Nespresso and its AAA Sustainable Quality Program, is a key component in the FNC’s strategy to increase profitability of producers, a viable alternative for the participating coffee growers to scale the value chain.

The FNC supports coffee growers organized in associations and/or cooperatives in the adoption of sustainability standards, so that once verified and/or certified by an audit body, their coffee can access international markets where these standards are a requirement, which goes hand in hand with the high quality standards expected by Colombian coffee customers.

The FNC works to increase the presence of Colombian coffee in the highest value markets and niches. In the different regions of the country, it identifies groups of producers that are able to meet sustainability standards to provide them with the necessary support in implementation and verification/certification processes.

As part of its 100-100 sustainability strategy, the FNC has resolved that Colombian coffee will be 100% sustainable when the institution gets 100 years old, that is, in 2027.

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