Issue 39

In addition to the FNC’s integrated logistics operator, Almacafé is a master roaster

February, 2019

Outstanding Ally

In addition to the FNC’s integrated logistics operator, Almacafé is a master roaster

Almacafé is not only the integrated logistics operator of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC): its Coffee Logistics and Industrial Complex inaugurated last year has consolidated it as a master roaster.

This is confirmed by the bronze medal that Almacafé was awarded last year with a coffee preparation from Huila and the recognition of gourmet coffee with a lot from Cauca in the contest “Coffee roasted in their country of origin,” organized annually by the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products (AVPA).

As a great showcase, the contestants present coffee roasted in their countries of origin so that consumers perceive their exceptional organoleptic qualities, seeking to highlight the best characteristics of the bean with the appropriate roasting for each profile.

Almacafé participated in the contest with three coffee origins, roasted in the new Soacha complex, for preparation in French press, from the following municipalities:

1. Santa María, Huila.
2. Inzá, Cauca.
3. Toledo/Labateca, Norte de Santander.

This double recognition confirms Almacafé before the world as a master roaster who knows the different coffee profiles in Colombia and knows how to enhance those characteristics in the roasted bean.

The new complex in Soacha, inaugurated in June, integrates in a single place direct purchase to coffee growers, threshing, storage, distribution center, and roasting.

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