No. 34

FNC pays premium to ‘Colombia’s most exotic coffee’

March, 2018

Product and Innovation

FNC pays premium to ‘Colombia’s most exotic coffee’

This coffee is produced in Buenavista, Quindío, and at the auction of the 2nd National Coffee Quality Competition “Colombia, Land of Diversity,” held in 2017, a buyer bid 31 dollars per pound for it.

Eduardo Villota, the producer of the coffee that won as the most exotic coffee in the 2nd National Coffee Quality Competition “Colombia, Land of Diversity,” held in 2017, recently received from the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) the premium bid for it by a buyer at the international auction of the competition.

To encourage production of specialty coffee and showcase this great diversity before international buyers is part of the FNC’s strategy to add value to Colombian coffee growers and improve their profitability. And for coffee growers, betting on production of high-quality coffee bears fruits, as Villota acknowledged.

“Delivering this premium shows us that specialty coffee is undoubtedly of greater profitability to coffee farmers,” said Roberto Vélez, the FNC CEO, during the delivery of the premium to the Villota family, whose coffee won in the “Exotic” category and was acquired by an international buyer for 31 dollars per pound.

“This is a history of over 40 years and three generations: my parents started, we continued, and now my children are the head of this great company. I’m still in charge of plantations, while they have dedicated themselves to grow the company, working on quality and innovation,” said Villota. Café San Alberto (their trademarked coffee) has been granted different international awards since 2011, he reminded.

Since 2016 the FNC has been working on a single national coffee quality competition to have more presence and resonance before national and international buyers. And it takes place every year with the crops of first and second semester, so that all departments have the opportunity to participate, according to their harvest season.

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