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Direct Export of Small Quantities of Colombian Coffee is Now Possible

May, 2016

This Month

Direct Export of Small Quantities of Colombian Coffee is Now Possible
  • Via international shipping and express courier companies, up to 60 kilos of green coffee, 50.4 kilos of roasted coffee, 23 kilos of instant coffee and 23 kilos of coffee extract can now be exported.
  • This new scheme simplifies registration and documentary procedures, quality control and logistics processes and payment of coffee contribution for direct delivery of coffee to customers and/or end consumers abroad.


In an effort to promote direct coffee sales and increase income of producers, anyone in Colombia – prior registration as coffee exporter – is now able to export small quantities of Colombian coffee via international shipping and courier companies.

Who can export Colombian coffee in this way?

Any natural or legal person previously registered as exporter.

How much coffee can be exported in this way?

In accordance with the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and the Colombian Customs Statute, up to 60 kg of green coffee, 50.4 kg of roasted coffee, 23 kg of soluble coffee or 23 kg of coffee extract can be exported in this way. The value allowed is up to $5,000 per delivery.


What steps are to be followed for this simplified export?

To register on the National Register of Coffee Exporters, managed by the FNC, at no cost and without the need for intermediaries. The registered exporter can then access the online store ( and follow the steps below:

1. Create the announcement of export sale.
2. Pay the Coffee Contribution (online with debit card through the PSE platform).
3. Print confirmation.
4. Perform shipping (through international shipping and courier companies).

* The estimated time from step 1 to 3 is five minutes.

What are the authorized courier companies?

To date, the authorized international shipping and courier companies for this simplified export of small quantities of coffee are: DHL, DEPRISA, FEDEX, SERVIENTREGA and 4-72.

What are the advantages of exporting small quantities of coffee?

  • Simplified registration process.
  • Simplified quality control process.
  • Easier payment of coffee contribution.
  • Direct delivery to final customer or consumer abroad.

For further questions, please contact the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation at (57-1) 3136600, Extensions 1617, 1556 and 1177 or through email at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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