Issue No. 43

Colombian coffee growers maintain the course towards profitability

December, 2016


Colombian coffee growers maintain the course towards profitability

This was the main conclusion of the 83rd National Congress of Coffee Growers, their highest authority and instance of decision, held in Bogotá last week. 

Taking into account the good results achieved so far thanks to the work in favor of profitability of producers, the 83rd National Congress of Coffee Growers, their highest authority and instance of decision, concluded last week with the unanimous decision to keep working on that course.

For that purpose, it is necessary to continue, improve and complement some of the major initiatives implemented so far in that direction.

“Here I don’t see anything different from a wave wanting to keep going through this complex sea of making the right decisions; one rarely finds a human group so focused and oriented. (…) This generation has to make history in coffee farming,” said the FNC CEO, Roberto Vélez, during the closing of the most important meeting of representatives of coffee growers, which he branded a success.

The delegates, through the first vice-president of the Coffee Growers Congress, Roberto Gómez, recognized the management achievements of the CEO.

“I want to congratulate the CEO for his extraordinary work; we the coffee growers were right when we gave him the responsibility to take the helm of this boat,” Gomez said. “This is the Federation that we all want and dream of, a united FNC,” he added.

The National Congress of Coffee Growers, which every year brings together 90 representatives of federated coffee farmers from all over the country, as well as directors of the FNC branches, was the ideal stage to know a about the current state of Colombian coffee farming and to set the course for the next years.


As traditionally, important announcements were made, including reduction of VAT (from 16% to 5 %) in the reform tax for machinery and equipment used in the coffee sector such as fumigators, pulping machines and coffee dryers.

The Innpulsa program, which under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism supports innovation and entrepreneurship, has allocated over 660,000 dollars to the coffee sector as a way of promoting generational change, the Minister revealed.

The Technical Division of the FNC announced the release of a new coffee variety, “Cenicafé 1”, of short stature, excellent cup quality, high productivity and resistant to diseases, and also presented the models being assessed for assisted coffee harvesting, in order to reduce costs and address the problem of labor shortage without affecting coffee quality, which has given the bean world renown.

The Coffee Growers Congress also approved by unanimity the Code of Ethics and Good Governance containing the principles and values that will govern actions and conducts of the FNC, the federated producers, their representatives, workers and stakeholders.

This code will be an integrated part of the FNC statutes in force and of those adopted in the future, as well as of the internal labor rules for the FNC workers.

This new code of ethics and good governance will be widely spread among stakeholders and will contribute to strengthen coffee institutions.


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