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Colombia, Land of Diversity in the SCAA and MICE Expos 2016

April, 2016

Product and Innovation

Colombia, Land of Diversity in the SCAA and MICE Expos 2016

Under the motto “Colombia, Land of Diversity”, and bringing origin closer to consumers, the presence of the FNC and Café de Colombia in these two events of the global industry has enabled to show the wide portfolio of highly differentiated specialty coffees, which help producers climb the value chain and improve their profitability.

Recently, the United States and Australia served as stage to position Café de Colombia in the mind of consumers as a highly differentiated origin with exceptional attributes.

In March and April, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) and Café de Colombia took part successfully in two of the most important events of the coffee industry worldwide.

The first was Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE), the largest and most dynamic coffee event in Australia, which was held from March 17 to 19 in Melbourne, and the second, the annual Expo of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), which took place from April 14 to 17 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The participation of Café de Colombia in both events enabled to show the wide portfolio of highly differentiated specialty coffees, which help producers climb the value chain and improve their profitability.

Outstanding coffees from all the country’s regions were appreciated by customers and consumers thanks to the marketing and publicity orchestrated by the FNC as part of the public goods and services that benefit all coffee growers in the country.

The Annual SCAA Expo
The Annual SCAA Expo brought together hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of participants, with a schedule of over 130 courses and complementary events or activities.


This event, considered the most important commercial showcase for the specialty coffee industry, was attended by players of the coffee value chain from various countries: producers, roasters, exporters, importers, cooperatives and associations, manufacturers of equipment for the industry, representatives of NGOs and academia, among others.

During the SCAA Expo 2016, a new marketing and communication strategy for Colombian specialty coffees was promoted under the motto “Colombia, Land of Diversity,” highlighting unique variables of Colombian coffee farming such as altitude, temperature, soils, location and social features.



As part of the promotion activities, eight origin coffees were showed to make consumers and customers aware about differences and features of each cup profile: five regional coffees (Casanare, Cauca, Huila, Santander, Norte de Santander and Tolima) and two microlots from Cauca and Huila.

At the stand of Café de Colombia, our visitors tasted different Colombian specialty coffees and understood that Colombia, for having a great variety of microclimates and privileged geographic conditions, produces highly differentiated coffees with unique flavor profiles.

As part of the strategy of the FNC to strengthen relations and business with the major players of the coffee industry and bring Café de Colombia closer to customers, the SCAA Expo was attended by members of the FNC Commercial Office, headed by the CCO Felipe Robayo; the sales team of the New York Office, headed by the FNC director for North America, Juan Esteban Orduz, and a group of producers and members of some cooperatives.

The stand, at the service of Colombian coffee growers, was also a space where the Colombian delegation gathered and the institutional policies were aligned with the needs of international markets.


Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE 2016)
The 5th edition of Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE 2016) was held from March 17 to 19 at the Melbourne Showgrounds.



Over 120 exhibitors of the entire coffee chain, from producing countries to micro-roasters and small coffee shops, took part in the Expo.

In this version of the event, which receives over 10,000 visitors every year, Colombia was one of the 30 coffee-producing countries with their own stand, where the FNC promoted the concept of “Colombia, Land of Diversity”, which was very well received by the barista community and Australian coffee specialists.

Like the SCAA Expo in the United States, in Australia different promotional activities for Café de Colombia were carried out to increase its positioning in consumer’s mind, including the presentation of seven origin coffees: five regional (Cauca, Huila, Cundinamarca, Norte de Santander and Sierra Nevada) and two microlots from Norte de Santander and Caldas.

To bring Café de Colombia closer to customers beyond the geographical aspect, the FNC Director for Asia, Santiago Pardo, and the Green Coffee Manager for Asia, Henry Martínez, took part in the Expo.

Two baristas brewed coffee at Café de Colombia’s booth: the Colombian champion 2016, Mauricio Romero, and a barista of Juan Valdez® Café.



It’s worth noting the growing recognition of the Colombian origin in the segment of medium-sized, small roasters and cafes in Australia; a good example of this, as part of the Expo, was the ASCA Australian Barista Championship, where the Australian champion 2016, Hugh Kelly, used a microlot from Huila for his presentation.

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