Issue No. 43

‘Colombia is the country with the greatest diversity of coffee flavors’

November, 2017

Outstanding Ally

‘Colombia is the country with the greatest diversity of coffee flavors’

• Over 100 exhibitors representing the production and commercial coffee chain participated in Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017.
• Colombia has been a pioneer in the global specialty coffee industry since the 1960s.

Colombia is not only the country with greatest diversity of coffee flavors, but the world’s leading provider of specialty coffee, the fastest-growing industry segment, said the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) CEO, Roberto Vélez, during the opening of Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017.

“Colombia is the country with the greatest diversity of coffee flavors. A country with such differences in latitudes, soils and environmental supply; all this produces a wide range of coffee profiles,” Vélez noted.

Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017 is Latin America’s leading specialty coffee fair and took place in Corferias, Bogotá, from October 18 to 21.

He recalled that since the 1960s Colombia has been a pioneer in the global specialty coffee industry by, for instance, betting on single origin of 100% Colombian coffee in a context dominated by blends, and by promoting the variety of highly differentiated specialty coffee it produces.

The range of sensory attributes that Colombian coffee features is even more complex than that of wine. This diversity should encourage Colombian coffee consumers to explore the wide range of notes and nuances offered by each cup of coffee. “There is a Colombian specialty coffee for every palate and a palate for every Colombian coffee,” he said.

Complete academic agenda

The academic agenda of Cafés de Colombia Expo addressed some of the major challenges and progresses in the sector, with the participation of international experts. 

The scientist and extension services expert Leo Espinoza, from the University of Arkansas, lectured on “Agriculture and Precision: uses and limitations,” while the quality expert Chris Kornman, from Royal Coffee, spoke about the role of water in the Maillard reactions during roasting. 

From Brazil, Fabio Moreira, from the Federal University of Lavras, showed some advantages of harvest mechanization, while his colleague Donizeti Alves, from the same University, explained the importance of Good Agricultural Practices to enhance physiology of the coffee tree and therefore its productivity.

Recognized experts from the National Coffee Research Center (Cenicafé), scientific branch of the FNC, and from the FNC Technical Division, also were part of the academic agenda, with topics such as ecological wet milling, shade-grown coffee, fermentation and coffee quality, improved varieties, water quality monitoring in coffee river basins, new technologies for wastewater management and precision agriculture.

A bit of history

Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017 (formerly ExpoEspeciales) has been able to renew itself by involving more and more actors of the coffee industry, including consumers. The first edition was held in 2008 in Neiva, Huila. Aiming at promoting different Colombian coffee regions, the expo was held in Ibagué (2009), Pasto (2010), Bogotá (2011 and 2013), Popayán (2012) and Medellín (2014).

Given the strategic location of the Colombian capital and Corferias’ optimal infrastructure for receiving more and more exhibitors and visitors, Bogotá (Corferias) has been the venue of the expo since 2015.

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