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Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017 is around the corner

September, 2017

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Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017 is around the corner

With the name “Colombia, Land of Diversity-Mitaca Crop,” there will be cupping sessions and live auctions to offer the best microlots of the country’s “mitaca” (mid-season) harvest 2017.

With a renovated format, focused on highlighting the great variety of highly differentiated Colombian coffees, the expo will take place from October 18 to 21 in Corferias, Bogotá.

Because of the number of visitors it receives every year, the high level of its academic agenda and the possibility of doing business at the highest level, Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017 (formerly ExpoEspeciales) has consolidated as the most important specialty coffee expo in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017 brings together in one single place the entire coffee value chain, from seed to cup, and is the main showcase to present the wide variety of Colombian coffee, as well as industry trends and innovations on a domestic and international scale.

The expo hosts events of great tradition, and its 10th version will be the venue of the 12th Colombian Barista Championship, the 7th Colombian Cup Tasters Championship, and the 2nd Colombian Brewers Championship, among other activities.

“It’s the appropriate space for academic, commercial and cultural activities around coffee. In addition, Cafés de Colombia Expo promotes constant knowledge exchange among sector participants, contacts and businesses,” says Roberto Vélez, CEO of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC).

The expo is organized by the FNC and Bogotá’s International Business and Exhibition Center (Corferias).

Cupping sessions and live auctions

With the name “Colombia, Land of Diversity-Mitaca Crop,” Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017 will host cup tastings and live auctions to offer the best microlots of the country’s “mitaca” (mid-season) harvest 2017.

For these sessions, national and international customers will be invited to participate in cup tasting of the lots, as well as in live auctions to be held the same day (Friday, October 20).

The diversity of coffee regions in Colombia offers a wide variety of cup profiles. The FNC has supported, during the current mitaca harvest, different departmental quality competitions in the country. The 10 winning lots of each contest will be awarded in each of their departments, and a jury of national judges will select the best, which later will be auctioned.

The lots will be exhibited in cupping rooms at the expo so that those national and international customers interested are able to participate in the cupping sessions and live auction to take the best of Colombia.

This dynamic has helped showcase Colombia’s best coffees before national and international buyers and transfer higher premiums to producers.

We invite Café de Colombia’s customers and strategic partners to get involved in this initiative, which will result in exceptional coffees for their own customers and consumers, and better prices for Colombian coffee producers, contributing in turn to sustainability of the entire coffee value chain.

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A bit of history

As an event of great tradition, Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017, formerly ExpoEspeciales, has managed to renew itself and adapt to the new times.

The first edition of the expo was held in 2008 in Neiva, Huila. Aiming at showing different coffee regions of the country, it was subsequently held in different cities such as Ibagué (2009), Pasto (2010), Bogotá (2011 and 2013), Popayán (2012) and Medellín (2014).

Since 2015, Bogotá (Corferias) has hosted this expo specialized in coffee, given the strategic location of the Colombian capital and a suitable infrastructure to receive more and more exhibitors and visitors.

The expo also has been the stage for important international events, such as the World Barista Championship in 2011, attracting over 19,000 visitors, and the IV Convention of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) in 2015, receiving over 13,000 national and international visitors.

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