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Café de Colombia is Promoted in Japan by the FNC CEO

July, 2016

Outstanding Ally

Café de Colombia is Promoted in Japan by the FNC CEO

Given its importance as a market and main customer, the FNC maintains not only a close commercial relationship, but has contributed to increase recognition of the unique attributes of Colombian coffee in the Asian region.

Japan is the second destination of Colombian coffee exports (after the United States) with over 1.3 million 60-kg bags in 2015, and the main destination of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) exports.

In addition, Japan is the fourth coffee consumer in the world, with 7.7 million bags and a strategic partner of the FNC that appreciates quality of Colombian coffee and is an innovative market in preparation of coffee drinks.

For all these reasons, the FNC CEO, Roberto Vélez, recently traveled to Japan, where he held important meetings with top leaders of the coffee market there.

Some examples of innovation and added value in the Japanese market are the dynamic categories of ready-to-drink (RTD) coffees and instant coffee in convenience stores.

Velez met with trading houses, RTD coffee companies and major roasters, as well as industry associations such as All Japan Coffee Association (which unifies the industry and promotes coffee consumption) and Specialty Coffee Association of Japan.

On his visit, Vélez shared with Japanese leaders his approach on development of added-value alternatives for Colombian coffee that result in greater profitability for coffee growers, taking advantage of the particularities of the Japanese market and the institutional presence of the FNC in Japan.

On the occasion of the visit of the FNC CEO, also a seminar on Colombia took place at the Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) facilities in Tokyo.

The Japanese business sector has received with great enthusiasm the FNC CEO’s leadership and experience in the Asian market, given that he worked as representative of the FNC in Tokyo and as Ambassador of Colombia to Japan.

Given the importance of Japan as a market for Café de Colombia and main customer of the FNC, our coffee institutions maintain not only a close commercial relationship, but have contributed, through courses to specialists, participation in trade shows and sponsorship of workshops and barista competitions, to increase and strengthen recognition of the unique attributes of Colombian coffee in the Asian region.


With a broad portfolio of specialty coffees (including sustainable ones), and thanks to the great diversity of regions and farms where they come from, Café de Colombia has proven to be a reliable supplier of highest-quality coffees for increasingly sophisticated and demanding customers and consumers all around the world.


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