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June, 2018

FNC receives Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Standard-Setters Award

This important award recognizes companies who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to sustainability, improving livelihoods, and conserving forests all around the world.

November, 2017

Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017 ends with great results

Over 16,000 attendees, more than 100 exhibitors, business worth $951,700, business expectations of over $5.7 million, and an academic agenda whose relevant topics engaged the public are some of them.

November, 2017

‘Colombia is the country with the greatest diversity of coffee flavors’

• Over 100 exhibitors representing the production and commercial coffee chain participated in Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017.
• Colombia has been a pioneer in the global specialty coffee industry since the 1960s.

September, 2017

Farmers bet on coffee quality and efficiency in use of agricultural machinery

Coffee growers agree on the importance of technology to preserve coffee quality and reduce production costs.

August, 2016

FNC Signs Cooperation Agreement with USAID for Development of Coffee Regions

The 5-year memorandum of understanding will contribute to rural development of the country’ coffee regions in a post-conflict scenario, also enabling to strengthen agricultural, institutional and educational ties between Colombia and the United States, the main destination of Colombian coffee.

July, 2016

Café de Colombia is Promoted in Japan by the FNC CEO

Given its importance as a market and main customer, the FNC maintains not only a close commercial relationship, but has contributed to increase recognition of the unique attributes of Colombian coffee in the Asian region.

April, 2016

Mitsubishi Reinforces Commitment to Forester Families

Recently, the Japanese company Mitsubishi Corporation donated resources to the FNC to continue with the Forester Families Program, an initiative that has helped Colombian producers have a better future, away from illicit crops.

February, 2016

Japanese Experts Travel to the Origin of Café de Colombia

As every year, Japanese industry experts attended the International Training Course for Specialists in Quality Control of Mild Coffees, organized by the FNC and Almacafé, which has also enabled them to learn about the wide diversity of Colombian coffees, so they in turn can better market them to their customers.

December, 2015

Café de Colombia was Present in the Most Important Events in 2015

As part of Café de Colombia’s positioning strategy and the pursuit and consolidation of new markets, over 10 countries served as stage for positioning Colombian coffee during the year that ends.

November, 2015

New Colombia’s Barista Champion Experiments with Coffee Processing

New generations, such as Mauricio Romero, the 10th Colombian barista champion, are not only betting on innovative preparations, but involving farmers in experimenting with coffee processing.

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