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March, 2018

FNC pays premium to ‘Colombia’s most exotic coffee’

This coffee is produced in Buenavista, Quindío, and at the auction of the 2nd National Coffee Quality Competition “Colombia, Land of Diversity,” held in 2017, a buyer bid 31 dollars per pound for it.

December, 2017

Colombia shows major progress in tests of assisted coffee harvesting

The institutional work led by the Technical Division, including Cenicafé (the R&D arm of the FNC), is aimed to optimize harvesting, reduce labor costs, and continue shielding coffee crops from diseases.

November, 2017

Colombia has new national barista, cup taster and brewer champions

Ronal Valero, from Juan Valdez Café, won the XII Colombian Barista Championship; Walter Acevedo, from Amor Perfecto, won the VII National Cup Tasters Championship, and Sebastián Villamizar, from La Palma y El Tucán, won the II National Brewers Cup.

September, 2017

Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017 is around the corner

With the name “Colombia, Land of Diversity-Mitaca Crop,” there will be cupping sessions and live auctions to offer the best microlots of the country’s “mitaca” (mid-season) harvest 2017.

September, 2017

National championships highlight quality attributes of Café de Colombia

The 12th Colombian Barista Championship, the 7th Colombian Cup Tasters Championship, and the 2nd Colombian Brewers Championship will be held within the framework of Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017.

December, 2016

FNC releases new coffee variety, Cenicafé 1, of short stature and very high cup quality

Its short stature will enable high densities. The cup quality is described as very good and it classifies as specialty coffee. According to a cupping panel, it features notes of cocoa, honey and hazelnut.

October, 2016

Coffee from Tolima Achieves Record Price of $50.5 / lb in International Auction

A total of 25 coffees from Cauca, Cundinamarca, Huila, Nariño and Tolima took part, including the winners of the competition “Colombia, Land of Diversity.” The auctioned lots obtained an average price of $10.86 per pound.

July, 2016

“Colombia, Land of Diversity” Offers Differentiated Coffees at SCAE 2016

Café de Colombia’s participation in coffee expos like this has enabled to show the added-value and differentiation strategy led by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), which enables producers of specialty coffees to further climb the value chain.

May, 2016

Colombian Coffee Export Regulations are Modified

In order to boost exports, the tolerance of healthy coffee beans between screens 14 and 12 rises to 5%, adjusting it to the international standard. Colombia had imposed itself a tolerance of 1.5%, preventing good quality beans from being exported.

May, 2016

ExpoEspeciales Café de Colombia to Be Held From October 5 to 8

As one of the main innovations, the first national coffee quality competition will be held this year. The 11th Colombian Barista Championship and the 6th National Cup Tasters Championship are two other great-tradition events that will take place within the framework of this important expo.

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