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October, 2019

Cafés de Colombia Expo 2019 received about 18,000 visitors

The number of visitors has shown a steady growth and confirms that the expo has been consolidating its renown in the global industry.

August, 2019

Diego Bermúdez, an innovative cupper-producer of highest quality coffee

Diego Samuel’s example shows other producers that, with cupping training, they could also better appreciate cup profiles, experiment, enhance flavors and sell their coffee at a much better price.

May, 2019

Colombian coffee reaches $54/lb in first auction abroad

Committed to the highest cup quality, even with a sound training in cupping, more and more coffee growers produce exceptional coffee for which international customers are willing to pay a better price.

March, 2019

The auction of the best 23 Colombian coffee lots will take place on April 13 within the framework of the Specialty Coffee Expo, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Room 210C.

February, 2019

Colombia, Land of Diversity´s best coffee lots to be auctioned for the first time abroad in Boston

On Saturday April 13, at the Specialty Coffee Expo. In total, 684 coffee lots were registered, from 16 departments, at the close of the call on January 31.

December, 2018

FNC launches machine that optimizes selective coffee harvesting by 50%

The DSC18 is the first Selective Coffee Harvester in the world. It is designed specifically for Colombian coffee farming.

December, 2018

‘With the microlots program, the FNC has helped me improve my profitability’

In 2018, the Microlots Program has given over 250 producers from 19 departments access to high-value markets through marketing of 222 microlots, and they have received on average COP 2.4 million per load of dry parchment coffee.

September, 2018

Small producers have a new ecological technology for coffee washing

It washes coffee with less than 0.7 L of water per kg of dry parchment coffee. Ecomill® LH-300 preserves the features of the Ecomill® technology, developed by Cenicafé to reduce water use in wet processing.

August, 2018

With two new general formulations, FNC facilitates fertilization to coffee farmers

Producers can save about COP 1 million per hectare/year.

June, 2018

Call for 3rd National Coffee Quality Competition ‘Colombia, Land of Diversity’ is open

The competition gathers strength, not only because of producers’ response, but because of the growing number of buyers for whom the competition has become a new benchmark in the global specialty coffee industry.

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