Sustainability that Matters

December, 2017

The FNC exports 2.2 million bags of coffee between January and November

Of the total exports by the National Coffee Fund (FoNC), 61% correspond to added-value coffee, 9 percentage points more than in 2016 (52%).

November, 2017

A Cauca microlot receives $20.25 per pound at international auction

The microlot, produced by Edgar Moreno on the farm “Los 3 Edgaritos”, captivated participants of the international auction “Colombia, Land of Diversity-‘Mitaca’ Semi-Harvest.”

October, 2017

An extra 5¢ in the price of a cup of coffee would mean much for producers.- Jeffrey Sachs

Making simple calculations, Professor Sachs said that a pound of coffee gives about 25 cups of coffee, and at a price of US$ 1.25 a pound, there is barely a 5¢ content of coffee per cup, which is the amount that farmers receive.

December, 2016

Besides a synonym of quality, Café de Colombia will be 100% sustainable

Since Colombian coffee farming has significantly advanced in sustainability (already 30% of producers are under some standard of this type), Colombia is capable of achieving this goal, says the FNC Chief Commercial Officer.

August, 2016

First Year of Roberto Vélez as CEO of the FNC Yields Important Results

One year ago, Roberto Vélez was elected as CEO of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), and during this term, under coffee growers’ own mandate, the institution has made significant progress to improve their profitability as part of the commitment to achieve a 100% economically, socially and environmentally sustainable coffee farming.

July, 2016

Manos al Agua, the Largest Global Coffee Initiative Focused on Water Care

With an investment of 25 million euros over five years, this innovative initiative will contribute not only to sustainability and resilience of Colombian coffee farming to the increasing climate variability, but to integrated management of water resources.

April, 2016

Impacts of El Niño on Colombian Coffee Farming

The percentages of floating fruits, green fruits with filling problems and trees with wilting symptoms, which are a measure of present, future and longer-term economic impact, double (or even triple in the case of green fruits with filling problems) the percentages considered normal.

February, 2016

Agro-Climatic Platform Helps Monitor Effects of El Niño on Colombian Coffee Farming

In the current situation of the El Niño event, this platform, through the monthly publication of agro-meteorological bulletins, has been of great help to monitor its impact on Colombian coffee farming.

December, 2015

The FNC Wins Two Green Apple Environmental Awards

The FNC won two Green Apple Awards for environmental best practices, recognizing Colombian coffee-growers’ excellence in innovation and sustainability: the Gold Award for the program to renovate coffee plantations and the Green Champion award for the Ecomill® coffee-washing technology.

November, 2015

FNC Helps Improve Income of Coffee Growers and Maintains High Export Standards

As part of the strategies to improve profitability of producers and with the aim of liberalizing the market, Colombia’s National Coffee Growers Committee recently authorized exports, through clearly differentiated channels, of coffee byproducts

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