Sustainability that Matters

August, 2019

FNC CEO asks for remunerative prices for coffee producers

At the Second World Coffee Producers Forum,held in Campinas, Brazil, on July 10-11.

August, 2019

FNC pioneers obtaining rights over varieties developed by Cenicafé

To protect collective assets of Colombian coffee growers, with a process that began in 2013, it is the first time an institution in the world obtains rights over 10 progenies of the Castillo® variety.

March, 2019

FNC and Lavazza Foundation benefit coffee farmers in Huila

This alliance confirms the great affinity of interests between both institutions in terms of sustainability, for the benefit of coffee communities.

February, 2019

The FNC Business Management Program strengthens coffee farms

The FNC Business Management Program strengthens the business capacity of coffee growers in efficient farm management, so that they can self-manage their businesses, be economically viable, and stay in the coffee business.

December, 2018

Over 237,000 coffee farms are already sustainable in Colombia

Sustainable coffee production is a key component of the FNC’s strategy to increase producers’ profitability.

August, 2018

Cooperatives of coffee farmers invest USD 14.3 million in social programs in 2017

With their 536 points of purchase, the cooperatives affiliated to the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) are in charge of applying the purchase guarantee, the public good most valued by coffee growers.

June, 2018

Colombian coffee farming saves 850 million L/year of water

Today over 30% of coffee wet mills are organic and over 50% are in transition towards this technology.

April, 2018

The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) awards its 2018 Leadership Medal of Merit to the FNC

• It honors its commitment of over 90 years to improving farmers’ livelihoods, fostering sustainability and increasing coffee quality, helping to strengthen the Colombian coffee sector as a whole.

• The recognition comes at a crucial time, when the FNC redoubles efforts to increase sustainability of coffee farmers not only in Colombia, but in the world, with an approach of shared responsibility of all actors in the chain, said Roberto Vélez, the FNC CEO.

April, 2018

Manos al Agua receives Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Sustainability Award

• The project is implemented by the FNC as part of a public-private partnership.
• It recognizes innovative projects or business models to expand and promote coffee sustainability in the world.
• Manos al Agua is an innovative intervention project towards coffee river basins management with an emphasis on integrated water resources management, a replicable model for sustainable rural development in Colombia.
• “We receive this recognition on behalf of the Colombian coffee growers at a turning point. We are concluding the project,(…) with great results for the benefit of coffee growers’ profitability,” said Roberto Vélez, the FNC CEO.

March, 2018

Ecosia search engine will help plant 360,000 native trees in Cauca coffee areas

Through an integrated benchmark initiative for an ecologically sustainable coffee farming, the FNC - through the Cauca Coffee Growers Committee -, the collective Pur Projet and the search engine Ecosia will plant 360,000 native trees among coffee crops in Cauca.

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