November, 2015

Global Leaders Praise Café de Colombia’s Work on Gender Equity

Representatives of international organizations such as IWCA, the OIC and UN Women recognize the great progress of the Colombian coffee sector in this matter. 

September, 2015

Michael Sheridan, from CRS, Highlights the FNC’s Strategic Social Capital

The specialist at the NGO Catholic Relief Services (CRS) recognizes that its commitment to quality and differentiation is a great contribution to the global industry, and that the purchase guarantee is the envy of producers in other countries due to stability and transparency in coffee pricing.

July, 2015

Regional Competitions in Colombia Seek the Best Specialty Coffees

In Colombia there are more and more regional or departmental competitions that encourage production of the highest-quality coffees and make them visible to sophisticated and demanding buyers. And the FNC is betting on them.

April, 2015

No Significant Quality Differences Between Castillo and Caturra Varieties, Study Says

The study’s findings have important implications both for coffee producers and international buyers, including roasters, as to quality of Colombian coffee regardless of the variety.

March, 2015

Colombian Coffee Production Keeps Growing Thanks to Renovation Programs

Output in the world’s largest producer of mild washed Arabica coffee keeps an upward trend and recovers historic levels, as a result of the coffee plantations renovation program led by the Colombian coffee guild in recent years.

February, 2015

Café de Colombia, the Most Renowned Origin in the USA

85% of people in the largest world market associate Colombia with a coffee-producing country. And market conditions are favorable for its penetration to increase.

December, 2014

Quality, Differentiation & Added Value, the Future of Café de Colombia

International experts who took part as speakers in the LXXX National Congress of Coffee Growers recognized that these attributes are fundamental elements of competitiveness for the coffee industry in Colombia.

September, 2014

Coffee Growers Elections, a Symbol of Institutional Soundness and Legitimacy

The recent guild elections reached a record turnout of 67.1%, which strengthens the democratic, representative, including and plural soundness of Colombian coffee institutions.

February, 2014

2013 Represented an Important Jump in Coffee Crops Productivity

Thanks to an ambitious and well-planed transformation of the coffee production structure, in 2013 productivity, measured in bags of green coffee per productive hectare, jumped 27% over 2012.

November, 2013

Low Prices are Damaging for the Entire Industry, Warns Japanese Trader from Key Coffee

Contrary to what one might think due to higher profit margins, coffee buyers and roasters do not look favorably at low prices of the bean, as they warn that they end up affecting the entire industry.

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