October, 2019

Non-traditional markets open up opportunities for Colombian coffee

Innovation and sophistication have played an important role. As mature markets, the US and Japan remain two of the main destinations for Colombian coffee.

August, 2019

Jeffrey D. Sachs proposes to create a World Coffee Fund to finance sustainability of farmers

• At the opening of the Second World Coffee Producers Forum. Current and foreseeable conditions of the industry, including the low price crisis, require a joint effort from the main industry players, in coordination with governments, to invest in sustainability of producers.
• During his speech Professor Sachs said he is concerned about concentration of coffee production in two countries (Brazil and Vietnam), something he described as very bad for the entire chain.

February, 2019

Colombian coffee farming captures 5.2 times the carbon it emits

This is the result of a rigorous study under the concept of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action applied to coffee production.

September, 2018

Increasingly more women and young people are coffee-farming leaders in Colombia

In the Municipal Committees, the percentage of female participation increased from 16% to 24%, a proportion very close to 28% of the electoral roll, while in the Departmental Committees the figure practically doubled, from 8% to 15%, a great achievement of these elections.

June, 2018

With rust-resistant varieties, Colombian coffee growers save over $200 million a year

This value is represented by costs associated with coffee rust control, including fungicides, labor and equipment costs. The saving contributes to profitability of producers.

March, 2018

Cenicafé strengthens durability of rust resistance of coffee varieties

As a result of the genetic diversity strategy of the National Coffee Research Center (Cenicafé), Colombia has managed to strengthen its coffee varieties’ long-term resistance to diseases such as rust and the Coffee Berry Disease (CBD).

December, 2017

The 85th Coffee Growers Congress sets priorities for the FNC’s commercial management

Divided into four commissions, the 90 delegates analyzed management of the coffee institutions and, taking into account relevant aspects of the sector and the industry, made recommendations aligned with the objectives of the FNC’s value strategy.

October, 2016

Women Play Leading Role in ExpoEspeciales Café de Colombia 2016

Female producers, leaders of coffee associations, representatives of coffee growers, cup tasters and baristas gave again proof of their growing empowerment in the industry.

August, 2016

Transparency and Accuracy of Colombian Coffee Statistics are Recognized

Both markets and the Colombian statistics agency recognize accuracy and transparency in preparation and reporting of statistics on Colombian coffee production and exports by the FNC.

April, 2016

Coffee-Producing Countries Support Colombia to Improve Profitability of Farmers

African countries, as well as Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, have expressed their support for the FNC’s initiative to promote a global dialogue that leads to better and more stable income for producers, as this will ensure sustainability of the industry as a whole.

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