December, 2015

Towards a Productive, Sustainable and Profitable Coffee Farming

Since the election of Roberto Vélez as the new Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) CEO, Colombian coffee farmers have resolutely and unanimously bet on improving their profitability, which in turn will contribute to sustainability of the sector as a whole.

November, 2015

Colombian Coffee Crop Returns to Historic Levels

Production volume to October is the highest in the last 22 years, but challenges persist for producers due to production costs (labor and fertilizers) and the effect of poor rains, derived from El Niño, on the filling of cherries.

July, 2015

ExpoEspeciales 2015, the Largest Specialty Coffee Expo in Latin America and the Caribbean

This year, within the framework of ExpoEspeciales Café de Colombia, the IV Convention of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA), “Coffee & Trade Beyond Barriers,” will be held. It is organized by the IWCA itself and the FNC.

April, 2015

Café de Colombia: at the Center of SCAA Annual Event and Coffee Expo Seoul

The presence in these events has allowed not only showing the wide offer of specialty coffees, a result of Colombian coffee growers’ quality, differentiation and added-value strategy, but foodpairing innovations for Colombian coffees.

March, 2015

Astrid Medina, from Planadas, Tolima, Wins Cup of Excellence 2015

With a score of 90.2 points, this Tolima coffee-growing woman, owner of the Buenavista farm, in the municipality of Planadas, won the first place amongst the 59 finalists from seven different Colombian coffee regions.

February, 2015

Colombian Coffee Production and Exports Continue Growing

The satisfactory results of 2014 left a good starting point to begin this 2015 with good news: Production and exports of Colombian coffee continue growing.

December, 2014

Café de Colombia Has a Clear and Strengthened Roadmap for the Next 5 Years

The LXXX National Congress of Coffee Growers, the most important meeting and instance of decision of the Colombian coffee guild, served to recognize Café de Colombia’s important achievements and approve the new Strategic Plan 2015-2020.

October, 2014

ExpoEspeciales: the Most Important Coffee Fair in Latin America

With 71 exhibitors in 1,200 square meters of the Green Pavilion at Plaza Mayor, in Medellín, and 7,000 national and international visitors, the seventh edition of ExpoEspeciales yielded significant commercial and academic outcomes.

September, 2014

Purchase Guarantee, an Effective Mechanism of Fair and Transparent Trade

Of all public goods and services provided by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), one of the most important undoubtedly is the Purchase Guarantee, which in addition has become a referent of fair trade.

May, 2014

Why ‘El Niño’ Increases Production of Café de Colombia

When this weather phenomenon appears, different factors typical of Colombian coffee growing, including richness of volcanic soils in some regions and good technical handling of crops, make coffee production increase.

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