October, 2019

‘Colombia has how to defend itself: with coffee quality’

The FNC CEO said at the inauguration of Cafés de Colombia Expo. The union leader also emphasized the importance of having institutions such as the FNC, which will not leave producers alone.

May, 2019

FNC CEO explains critical situation of producers to the Japanese coffee industry

Leading actors were receptive to this issue. The Colombian leader insisted on the urgency of co-responsibility of the rest of the chain so that it is not broken by the weakest link, coffee growers, putting supply at risk.

April, 2019

The future of sustainability in coffee farming is everybody’s business

We will never be able to say that we are a fully sustainable industry unless we care about the livelihood and well-being of coffee-growing families based on the income they receive.

March, 2018

Regional quality competitions encourage and highlight specialty coffee production

These competitions have the support of the FNC and help showcase highly differentiated coffee before domestic and international buyers. (In the image, José Pérez, winner of the Caldas competition.)

December, 2017

‘Colombia must keep its global share as a coffee-producing country’

This requires raising productivity at levels of 21 coffee bags per hectare, said Roberto Vélez within the framework of the 85th National Coffee Growers Congress.

March, 2017

Mario Vega, New acting Chief Commercial Officer of the FNC

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) informs its clients and stakeholders about a new appointment in the company.

December, 2016

Colombian coffee growers maintain the course towards profitability

This was the main conclusion of the 83rd National Congress of Coffee Growers, their highest authority and instance of decision, held in Bogotá last week. 

October, 2016

Colombia: the Greatest Unexplored Specialty Coffee Frontier

At the opening ceremony of ExpoEspeciales Café de Colombia, the FNC CEO highlighted that Colombia, since the 1960s, has been a pioneer in the specialty coffee industry by betting on differentiation and single origin.

July, 2016

New Contract of Management of the National Coffee Fund is Signed

It is the main mechanism to finance public goods and services very valued by producers such as the Purchase Guarantee, scientific research and technical assistance by the Extension Service, which represent conquests and competitive advantages of Colombian coffee farming.

February, 2016

FNC Takes Measures to Help Colombian Coffee Growers Affected by El Niño

A sample measurement of impact on over 7,000 farms, the delivery of fertilizers for coffee plantations affected by drought and a pay that compensates for the higher content of low-density beans are some measures adopted to help coffee farmers and their families.

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