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Why Origin Matters?

February, 2015


Why Origin Matters?

In 2004, 48% of Americans were consuming coffee. Today, that figure has jump to 61%, meaning that approximately 195 million coffee cups are consumed daily.

Of those 195 million cups, about 17 million are prepared with Colombian coffee beans. So it is no coincidence that in the United States, the largest market for coffee consumption, Colombia is the most renowned coffee-producing country. According to the National Coffee Association’s (NCA) 2014 coffee drinking trends study results, 84.9% of people recognize Colombia as a coffee-producing country. And 97.7% of higher-income respondents identify Colombian coffee as good taste.

These positive market figures show that Colombian Coffee is ready to continue its rapid growth, while remaining relevant to consumers needs regardless of the generation they belong to.

Coffee plays a very important role in the lives of Americans: 63% of adults (40-59 years old) and 65% of 60+ year olds consume coffee, while young people aged between 18 and 24 years, an age range that is part of Millennials (the most educated, better technologically connected generation and which greatly values identity), are the group of fastest growth in the coffee category.


Source: NCDT 2014

There is a growing interest amongst this age group in knowing more about what they consume and how the products they prefer affect their lives and the environment. So for this generational group, given the frequency of coffee consumption, coffee is becoming increasingly more relevant as it allows them to express their own personal values.


Thus origin and sustainability have become drivers of purchase decisions. In the United States, 22% of consumers (NCDT) recognize sustainability labels and 92% would like to know the place where their food comes from (Consumers Union poll), while in the European Union, 71% of consumers emphasize that knowing the origin of their food is important (European Commission).


The new mega-trends also show that people are becoming more aware of their social responsibilities as consumers. So premium products, beyond ensuring high-quality standards, must adopt and demonstrate authenticity, trust and transparency.

Such products must also demonstrate to consumers how they are produced, where they come from and who is behind, as new consumption attitudes lead to seek ethical well being and personal pleasure in premium products.

For these reasons, members of the 100% Colombian Coffee Program can claim their brands are in line with the consumption trends that most influence newer generations’ purchasing decisions.

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