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What Will the Future Consumer Be Like?

June, 2015


What Will the Future Consumer Be Like?

It is not easy to predict it. But paying attention to preferences of younger and most relevant consumers of our products gives us good clues as to how the industry will behave when these same consumers become adults.

The answer to this question will enable the coffee industry to be better prepared for the changes and different scenarios that will arise in the future.

It is not enough to take into account the current statistics of coffee sales, which provide only an overview of the market. Nor is it enough to understand what happened in the market in the past. It is necessary to project, based on the varied trends of coffee consumption in the medium and long term, what the future may bring for the industry.

Taking this into account, Café de Colombia is aware of how important it is, for its associated brands, to build a bridge between what their customers might want and what every brand projects in the market.

Millennials and Colombian Coffee I The Bean Bang Theory

Origin quality and differentiation
In a very competitive industry and with increasingly sophisticated and demanding consumers, the unique and differentiated attributes of a product are truly a competitive advantage. In addition, for consumers, particularly the younger ones (hyper-connected to new technologies), the origin of the products they consume is more and more important.

And for Café de Colombia few things, after coffee growers themselves, are as important as the quality linked to the origin and differentiation, because beyond its mildness and consistency, it offers a wide variety of high-quality specialty coffees from specific regions (many guaranteed and protected as Denominations of Origin such as Cauca, Huila, Nariño and Santander), which offer a diversity of notes and hints to consumers. This differentiation and segmentation of supply allow the producer to climb the value chain, by satisfying sophisticated niches that are willing to pay quality premiums for unique and irreplaceable coffees.

The new generations are increasingly concerned about knowing where the products they consume come from, and in the case of coffee, how it is produced and what are the processes behind every cup, a search that the abundance of information on the internet makes easier.

In the case of Café de Colombia, it is carefully handpicked by over 560,000 families and produced according to the highest quality standards. In addition it is grown in specific geographic and weather conditions: steep Andes Mountains, volcanic soils and ideal climate. It is also an honest commitment of producers to quality and respect for discerning coffee lovers. All this gives Café de Colombia an authenticity that the market demands and thanks.

Trust and transparency
In very competitive markets, consumers are skeptical and difficult to be convinced, so they end up preferring those products that offer the most personalized experience, that is, according to their personal tastes.

Consumers do not look for a simple coffee anymore, but their coffee, the aroma and flavor they prefer. And before the wide variety of presentations, they also end up preferring those that convey clear and relevant information. The renown and familiarity of a traditional product also have weight when deciding the purchase.

In this line, the trust inspired by the 100% Colombian coffee logo, of the Arabica species, is a guarantee of quality and origin. In addition, for almost a century Colombia has been the origin behind the finest beans in the world; Colombian coffee has been present in many generations and will continue to do so for years to come. It is worth reminding that Colombia is the most recognized origin (85%) in the United States, the main consumer market.

Sustainability and Ethics
Consumers, including the new generations, are increasingly concerned about the environment and sustainability of producers. In their growing social and environmental awareness they look for brands that give back something to society and protect the environment.

For Café de Colombia, the top priority is well-being of over 560,000 families dedicated to grow it. All its efforts are focused on making their lives better. Access to education and health, better infrastructure and productivity are all needed to grow genuinely good coffee. That said, increasingly more high-quality coffees are produced under verifiable or certifiable sustainability standards, also increasingly caring for the environment and biodiversity.

In an era of such rapid changes, both in technology and sensations and experiences, innovation is a constant and will be so for many years. Consumers today are used to a constant bombardment of novelties from different industries.

And for Café de Colombia, innovation is also a priority and a constant, with scientific research that has enabled to develop a coffee growing better adapted to climatic variability, cutting-edge technological developments and quality, differentiation, value added and defense of the origin strategies (including regional Denominations of Origin) that allow offering innovative and unique consumer experiences.

In addition, Café de Colombia is very tuned with new technologies and makes use of different platforms, including social networks and multimedia channels, to connect with consumers around the world, including industry experts such as baristas, and be better tuned to their tastes and needs.

A campaign highlighting the origin
With all this in mind, Café de Colombia launched earlier this year in North America the campaign “The Bean Bang Theory”, aiming at strengthening its recognition among adult consumers who already know it and reach new consumers, young people who are beginning to enjoy the coffee experience.

Strengthening the interest among such publics as millennials and coffee enthusiasts is very important. The campaign is focused on this young generational groups as growth of coffee consumption in the group of 18-24 years old was the highest in 2014 (10%, according to NCA) compared to other age groups.

Thus, the campaign on one hand shows how the values of Café de Colombia are tuned with global industry trends. And on the other hand, it responds to specific questions about the origin:



In this way, Café de Colombia recognizes the increasing importance of young consumers in the market and the need to address them as the people who in the future will be its customers.

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