No 30

Update on Regulations of Coffee Exports from Colombia

October, 2015


Update on Regulations of Coffee Exports from Colombia

At its October15th meeting, the National Coffee Growers Committee, the governing body of Colombian coffee policies, authorized the export of beans of qualities different from Excelso (including those of lower quality known as “pasillas”, “segundas” or byproducts), in order to increase the producers’ income.

Until now, Excelso was the only coffee allowed for green coffee exports from Colombia, and is on this Excelso quality that the minimum standards for the 100% Colombian Program are set. These definitions will not change. Despite liberalization of byproduct exports, Excelso coffee will continue being the quality standard for roasters and brand owners who want to bear the 100% Colombian Coffee logo as a guarantee of origin and quality, as well as for those using Certification Marks and Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) associated with Café de Colombia.

In order to safeguard the positioning of Café de Colombia as a synonym for high quality, and to support the Program members’ commitment to the Colombian origin, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) will only issue quality certificates to those lots meeting the Excelso standards. In that sense, Café de Colombia’s customers can require these certificates as a guarantee for their coffee. Likewise, the FNC will continue applying quality controls in the market, to ensure that brands bearing the Café de Colombia logo in their packaging will maintain the Excelso quality levels.

It is important to highlight that this measure essentially seeks to increase profitability for Colombian coffee growers and improve their sources of income, giving them the opportunity to access specific segments and niches in local and international markets.

The FNC’s commitment to maintaining and strengthening differentiation and positioning of Café de Colombia as a high-quality coffee remains unchanged and strong, and therefore our efforts will be focused on developing tools that help communicate and differentiate clearly the exported qualities. Likewise, we ask you to keep your commitment and loyalty to the Colombian origin.

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