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Tim Wendelboe, Colombian Coffee Hub’s First Hubber

November, 2011


Tim Wendelboe, Colombian Coffee Hub’s First Hubber

The Norwegian barista visited Colombia and went through 3 different coffee origins. Besides, he shared experiences and knowledge with producers and Colombian Coffee specialists. Members of the 100% Program who become Hubbers will also have the chance to live this experience their way. is a new web community created by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) aimed at baristas and specialists in the gourmet coffee segment. Here, specialized information is offered to coffee bar owners, barista students, industry professionals, entrepreneurs or just enthusiasts passionate for coffee. The community is also a rendezvous point to learn, share and discuss issues on the importance of the origin and other coffee-related topics.

There are currently more than 500 “Hubbers” following the articles and knowledge generated among themselves and by the FNC scientists. Additionally, worldwide barista leaders have the chance to travel through a country that blends coffee and culture such as Colombia,  with the company of specialists from the Federation versed in an array of topics, and share at the same time their experiences with the community. The first of them was Norwegian barista Tim Wendelboe, born in 1979, who has won a number of barista contests in his country. He placed first in 2004, second in 2001 and 2002. Tim also won the 2005 World Cupping Championship and he is known for keeping a close relationship with all the countries from which he buys coffee. He spends a lot of time traveling to countries of origin, visiting coffee growers and helping them develop greater quality in their coffees.

During his visit to Colombia last October, Tim traveled through three Colombian coffee regions discovering details of the wonderful world of coffee origin in greater depth. For 12 days he shared his knowledge and expertise with Colombian baristas, coffee producers, Cenicafé and FNC professionals. In turn, Tim learned from them and shared with the Hubbers his new discoveries. The knowledge gained through this interaction allowed him to conclude that there are plenty of stories to tell behind Colombian Coffee.

Members of the 100% program that become Hubbers will have the chance to live this experience their way. All that is required is visiting the Colombian Coffee Hub website and become an active Hubber, eager to participate in the forums and threads and keep track of the trips by coffee specialists.

The Colombian Coffee Hub project contemplates the possibility of inviting some of its members on a journey to the origin through the different Colombian coffee regions. This project aims at complementing Colombian Coffee’s strategy to bring both the industry and the consumers closer to the origin and share what lies behind Colombian Coffee.


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